A Fairytale of a Spa

A haven of delight solely for women, an exclusive private club for enthusiastic, modern and health-conscious women, Grace Belgravia is the vision of businesswoman Kate Percival offering the latest and the very best in facilities and treatment. The spa is called Grace Belgravia after the three Graces, who represented charm, beauty and creativity in Greek mythology. Grace Belgravia has come into being after having scoured the earth in their quest to gather ancient alchemy and the latest in pioneering anti-ageing innovations to bring a truly integrated menu of treatment created especially keeping in mind the importance of good health and radiant skin.  In-house medical experts, therapists, personal trainers and chefs work together to give  sophisticated environment for health conscious women, keen to look after their wellbeing through every stage of life. Designed to be an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, the club is a calming, feminine space where women can relax, enjoy good food and seek any help or advice from wellbeing experts if necessary. Facilities include a spa, hammam, atelier, restaurant, library and salon where food and drink options have been carefully considered by nutritionists and chefs.


The Club has the UK’s first Acqua Calda spa which can take one through a luxurious journey of rejuvenation using the best of natural resources. In addition, there are 9 treatment rooms and hammam. Grace’s massage therapies and healing arts follows this mantra, “One simple touch starts a ripple in the entire body. Every cell recognizes that moment. It becomes the first step in healing.” The spa offers a number of exclusive and signature treatments from some leading therapists such as Ila, Dr. Levy, Chenot and Dr. Hauschka. Grace Belgravia takes pride in the fact that it is the first spa in the UK to have been trusted by Chenot to offer their signature treatments.

On joining Grace Belgravia, members receive a full consultation with the professional team including a medical review with one of the GP’s, physical fitness and skeletal mobility with the Matt Roberts team, skin analysis and nutritional review. In addition, new members will receive Net-A-Porter VIP Member Status and all purchases and returns can be managed at the Club as well as having access to previews and trunk shows.

Just so you know Dubai Ladies Club, which is a member of Dubai Women Establishment, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Grace Belgravia, London's first private health and wellbeing Club for women, that will facilitate cooperation and strategic partnership between the two organizations. I think this is great news!

Grace Belgravia seems to be like a gem of a place, don't you agree? Oh and stay tuned, we have an interview with the co-founder coming up soon!


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