Nasima | A Journey of Inspiration Part 10

“High horns, low horns, silence, and finally a pandemonium of trumpets, rattles, croaks, and cries that almost shakes the bog with its nearness ... A new day has begun on the crane marsh. A sense of time lies thick and heavy on such a place ... Our ability to perceive quality in nature begins, as in art, with the pretty. It expands through successive stages of the beautiful to values as yet uncaptured by language.”— Aldo Leopold

Nasima draws away beautifully and you can't stop glancing at the designs the henna forms on the hand on which the henna is applied - each stroke with such delicacy and beauty. Henna designing is a process that combines beauty and Islamic heritage in a very striking sense in today's life. Nasima is a henna designer from Qatar, and a much talked about Henna Designer in the premises of Qatar University. Here's our interview on more about where she finds her inspirations from:

Kay: Tell us a little about yourself.

Nasima: Well, if I start with my name then, most of the people know me by my first name. Nasima means ‘Gentle Breeze’ and many have told me that the meaning perfectly suits my personality. I am currently a student at Qatar University studying International Affairs. I love to listen to music, eat, spending time with my family and friends, drawing, and applying henna on anyone that adores it.

Nasima's Henna on Creativity with Kay

Nasima's Henna on Creativity with Kay

Kay: When did you start henna designing?

Nasima: I started long time ago when I was in school. I used to apply henna on my friends and sisters during Eid. I have to say that my younger sister is my most inspiring model. I would apply henna on her hands all the time and sometimes I did ruin them really bad with my innovative ideas as I was not so good in the beginning. :D

Kay: How do you define passion?

Nasima: Passion is what you enjoy and love to do simultaneously. When you are doing something with all your mind, heart and soul, you put more energy into it than it is required to do, so that you can satisfy yourself and your audiences with your work, I think that is called passion.

Nasima's Henna on Creativity with Kay

Nasima's Henna on Creativity with Kay

Kay: Share with us a little about your creativity process?

Nasima: I only knew about Indian henna designs when I first started henna designing. After joining Facebook, I saw these nice henna pages where I found differently styled and patterned henna designs which really gave me the charge needed to try them out and also create innovative designs of my own. The nature is a big inspiration for me.

Kay's Tip : “In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” — Aristotle

Kay: Who inspires you?

Nasima: My family, friends, sisters and everyone I have in my page are my biggest inspiration. It inspires me a lot when I see someone appreciating my work.

Kay: Your favorite artists/designers?

Nasima: I have many favorites, but two of the henna designers whom I recently added in my favorites are Amelia Dręgiewicz and Kiran Sahib. I just love their work.

Kay: Is it only henna or do you have other hidden talents as well?

Nasima: I love dancing, cooking and making graffiti. :D

Kay: IF someone wants to start with do-it-yourself henna art, do you have any tips for such a person?

Nasima: I would recommend a starter to look for basic designs, ease your hand drawing it on a paper with henna or pen and then apply it on your hand. Starting a design from a flower is always a good idea.

Kay's Tips: If you are an aspiring Henna designer, Nasima has some tips for you and I'd agree with her too. Getting your hands to flex with ease needs a bit of practise and trying it on paper is a good idea unless of course, there is someone who would voluntarily give their hand for you to mess around with ;)

Nasima's Henna on Creativity with Kay

Nasima's Henna on Creativity with Kay

Kay: What do you look forward to doing in future?

Nasima: I have a lot of dreams. I am a dreamer, but right now I am trying to make some tutorial henna videos for my audiences, so that it helps them learn and become a newbie to pro. 

And that brings us to a close with Nasima's Henna Inspiration Journey. Hope you could find your inspiration somewhere along these lines!

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.”— Maori proverb